Version 0.8

Considering that version 0.7 was this release beta.


Version 0.6 (beta)

Le 12/05/2014 12:14

Update :

    Acidfarm now can be use for multiligual website & app

Version 0.5

Bug fixed :

    Traduction missing
    Some bugs have been fixed
    Improve PHP 5.4 compatibility
Template :
   Site template use now HTML 5
   Some change in administration
Update :
   AcidModule::dbList / AcidModule::printAdminList methods have been parsed in order to allow the use of usefulls and simplified functions
   AcidModule is now more configurable outside/inside the class
   AcidModule->getPrinted method is now more configurable and autoformat values depending AcidVar's type
   Routing system has been fixed/updated
   User module accept now more than 1 login key
   JS Tools have been completed
   AcidUpgrade can now translate SQL prefix
   Use of AcidVarImage / AcidVarFile is now more powerfull

Add :
    Adding Tools Facebook/Twitter/AcidZip
    Post form can be now automatically treated as JSON using ajax field
    AcidVarImage can be uploaded using tmp_src and tmp_[key], tmp_name_[key] fields
    AcidVar allows a forced function in order to alterate input and output results

Version 0.4

Bug fixed :
    Method dbList using  in / not in operators don't crash anymore with an empty array
    Some bugs have been fixed
Administration :
    Administration is now templated
    Administration is now more configurable
Update :
    AcidVarImage / AcidVarFile : regen function added
    sys/glue.php and sys/start.php have been reviewed
    install.php has been completed
    includes modules run now post process automatically
    mail from contactform allow now "reply to"
    Acid::get / Conf::get usefull methods

Add :

    Adding Routing System
    Adding Tools Paypal/Gmap
    Adding User permissions module
    Adding Ajax environment


Version 0.3

Bug fixed :

  • Acid's shortcuts ($acid['url']['img']...) are now called before POST's process
  • "addJs/addCss/addInHead" methods of AcidTemplate are now called in order of call

Update :

  • install.php has been updated to meet more needs
  • sys/server.php has been updated for an easier configuration
  • sys/config.php has been updated for an easier configuration
  • sys/stats.tpl is now called in the footer's div
  • The default database's prefix has been changed by "acid_"
  • Login process is now more secured
  • The users' restrictions on each other have been changed
  • The admin page controller can now be easily updated
  • A simple display mode  for AcidModule->printAdminList can now be called
  • AcidMail::send can call custom functions before sending emails (for example : ReplyTo)
  • Pagination tool has been updated for an easier configuration
  • AcidModule administration's methods have been added/updated for an easier configuration
  • Admin login page has been templated
  • TinyMCE is now templated and a fixing css file is now called

Add :

  • Dynamic robots.txt has been added to the base site
  • Dynamic sitemap.xml has been added to the base site
  • Search page/controller has been added to the base site
  • Diaporama's homepage & an administrable content in homepage have been added to the base site
  • Wall art  has been added to the base site
  • Contactpage with googlemap pre-configured has been added to the base site
  • Acidfarm core folder has been templated
  • AcidVarHidden has been added
  • AcidVar setForm's method has been added in order to make input field's type conversions easier
  • AcidModule's methods  genUrlKey/getUrlKey/regenImagesKey have been added for an easier use of AcidVarImage/AcidVarFile
  • AcidVarImage::regen method has been added for an easier regeneration of obselete AcidVarImage
  • Custom AcidVarImage's filter can now be used easily
  • "fill_white", "fill_black" preconfigured AcidVarImage's filter have been added
  • An autoupdate/autoupgrade system has been developped
  • Template files from the base site have been reorganized
  • Acid::trad method has been added for translations and acidfarm's core has been translated
  • A multilanguage navigation mode can now be used
  • Some SEO's tools have been added
  • A configuration module has been added in order to treat easily dynamics variables

Version 0.2

  • Bug fixed : "print" of AcidPage Module
  • Bug fixed : AcidModule::dbCount() now callable in static
  • Added : Easier initialisation with install.php
  • Added : Configuration of current user in back office
  • Added : glue mode (sys/glue.php)
  • Added : timezone
  • Added : magic quotes removed if activated in server config

First Release

We are proud to publish the first open source release of AcidFarm.

Originally created by Mathieu YACTAYO in 2006, and also by Cédric PROUST since 2010, AcidFarm evolved into a powerfull tool able to create easily custom websites.

This framework offers the following features :

  • Object-oriented code compatible from PHP 5.3
  • Abstraction from the database using "modules", a class represents a table, an object table entry
    Generate an admin interface on the fly
  • MVC Structure
  • Creation of "typed variables" to control / cast the value assigned
  • Availability of tools: static methods commonly used (Browser, CSV, Forms, File system, Mail with phpMailer, Pagination, RSS, Sitemap, Tables, Time, Timer, Url)
  • Base modules available: User / Page / News
  • URL rewriting integrated controller
  • Logging functionnality
  • Session are managed in database
  • Easier management of uploads
  • ACL definition to restrict database write
  • Lightweight at all

Feel free to use it !